No cellos, no violins.

I believe the bass requires specialization. I believe that the more stuff you do, the harder it is to focus on one task and create a great work. That's all I'm interested in. I'm making new basses and performing repair and restoration on ones that are less than new. I approach restoration in a meticulous manner and always try to carry it out with respect to the maker. This means, among other things, that no crazy glues, epoxies, or carpenter's glues are used. No unauthorized works are performed. Every attempt is made to return an instrument to its original condition.

I've worked full time on basses for 17 years now and am familiar with every facet of repair and restoration. ALL work is done by me, and always will be. I've no interest in expansion. My ambition is simply to do my dead level best at every step of my work. Thanks to the patient support of my family and friends I've been able to focus on what "dead level best" means. I'm glad also to be around at a time when the quality of bass lutherie is on an upswing. There are more than a few folks out there now trying to raise the bar. It's a good thing.

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359 Miller Avenue, Freeport, NY 11520
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