I was greatly impressed by Jeff's bass. The sound was even and free of wolfs. He also does expert and artistic repairs.

John Schaeffer
Retired Principal
New York Philharmonic

For the last three years, I have come to know Jeff's work on the bass and I find his workmanship impeccable. His understanding of the instrument is in accord with a professional player's needs.

James Candido
New York Philharmonic

I have enjoyed playing Jeff's bass in the Philharmonic as much as any bass I have ever owned.

Bill Blossom
New York Philharmonic

Expert workmanship!

Duane Rosengard
Philadelphia Orchestra

Jeff is one of the best double bass makers today! The sound is impressive and the workmanship is impeccable.

Leonid Finkelshteyn
Principal Double Bass
North Carolina Symphony

Jeff's restoration and set up of my Italian bass was exceptionally well done. I find his personal approach to repair and new making welcome and much needed in today's world of bass shops and luthiers.

Burke Shaw
Houston Symphony

Jeff Bollbach is a most knowledgeable and meticulous craftsman… a keen eye for the most minute detail…my bass has never sounded better!

Mark E. Peterson
U.S. Dept. of State Jazz Ambassador,
Session bassist and Clinician,
currently the bassist for vocalist
Cassandra Wilson, Joan Baez,
James "Blood" Ulmer and
the hit Broadway musical "Aida"

Jeff's work is inspired. When you play on a bass that he's set up you'll see what I'm talking about. Whatever style you play he will optimize your instrument to its fullest potential. I wouldn't let anyone else touch my bass—even it was for free.

Paul Nowinski
Bassist for New York Voices,
Rickie Lee Jones, Les Paul, and Keith Richards

Jeff Bollbach is one of the best luthiers in the world. He brings a variety of ideas to help you find your goals with your sound and playing comfort. He can take any pedigree bass and fix it to its proper builder's blueprint.

I, Carlos Henriquez, love Jeff's work. He has worked on all of my basses and has done major and minor jobs to them. I assure you that his work will amaze you with respect toward your craft and instrument.

I have been working with Wynton Marsalis, Danilo Perez, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Will Smith, Tito Puente and many more artists.

Jeff Bollbach is the man for your bass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carlos Henriquez

I find it hard to praise Jeff's work highly enough, but I have to say that Jeff is the finest bass luthier I know. Jeff is brilliantly sensitive to and knowledgable about the nature and needs of double basses. In addition, the basses that Jeff makes are truly exceptional. In my opinion, his basses are not only of the highest quality, but also superior to most of the Italian instruments I've played on—and I've played on very many.

Randy Butler
New York Philharmonic

Entrusting my William Tarr bass to Jeff Bollbach resulted in a restoration so far beyond my expectations. I had no idea my bass could look so beautiful and sound so rich and fine. In addition, Jeff made Mr. Tarr easier to play. What a bonus! Cheers to Jeff Bollbach.

Mishelle Saxon
New York Philharmonic

Jeff Bollbach is an artist whom for over the past eight years has demonstrated his dedication and skill many times to me through the expertise he has shown repairing and maintaining both my Cremonese and Tyrolean basses. From serious major repairs and overhauling to the most minute adjustments, Jeff has proven himself to be a luthier of the first rate, who's patience, technique, and willingness to settle for nothing short of perfection in his work has impressed me to no end. Also, he is a most pleasant and accommodating man to do business with. He is a person who does extraordinarily what he has chosen as his life's pursuit.

Steven Moran
Florida West Coast Symphony
New Philharmonic of New Jersey

359 Miller Avenue, Freeport, NY 11520
(516) 867 1395 · jbollbach17@gmail.com
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